March 26, 2024

What is a Charter School?

According to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, charter schools are independently operated public schools that have the freedom to design classrooms that meet their students’ needs. All charter schools operate under a contract with a charter school authorizer – usually a nonprofit organization, government agency, or university – that holds them accountable to the exacting standards outlined in their charter. 

Why Choose Charter?  
The reasons parents choose charter schools for their children are just as unique as the students themselves. Here are a few of the reasons why families choose charter education:  

Charter schools are known for having dedicated administrators and teachers who have a stake in their students’ success. The charter model encourages innovation, thinking “outside the box,” and going the extra mile to help each student be successful.  

School’s focus  
Instead of a one size, fits all approach, charter schools can change it up! They may choose a specific educational methodology like Montessori or the school could emphasize STEM learning or bilingual instruction, like Lake Erie Bilingual Academy. Parents are often drawn to a charter school for the specific programs it offers. Open Houses and special events on campus are excellent opportunities to get to know what makes each school unique. 

Time for a change  
Whether your child is struggling in his or her current school, needs extra challenge, or simply is ready for a different educational environment, charter schools offer a fresh approach to learning that many families appreciate. Every child is unique and charter schools offer many different options for meeting your family’s educational needs. 

Benefits of Bilingual Instruction

When children participate in language instruction, they learn transferable skills that help them in school and in life. Learning another language helps students develop important cognitive abilities such as problem solving and critical thinking skills. Students learn how to be good listeners, regulate their behavior, and empathize with others. And a bilingual education also provides valuable language skills that students can rely upon in the job market. 

Experts say that students in schools that offer language instruction develop strong executive function skills. These skills help students learn self-control, focus, and how to follow instructions. Students learn to be creative and “think on their feet” because communicating in another language exercises the brain and requires children to think about to how to effectively convey thoughts. Students who display creativity and strong executive function perform better in school and are more prepared for success in college and careers. 

When students study another language, it broadens their world view and fosters understanding. Classes participate in activities that celebrate cultural heritage and traditions. Bilingual education is a powerful way to encourage cultural exchange, strengthen school culture, and prepare students to thrive in our global society. 

March 1, 2024
August 6, 2021

The ACCEL Schools Difference

We are a proud member of ACCEL Schools—a public charter school network serving thousands of PK-12 students throughout the United States. ACCEL was founded in 2012 by the early pioneers of online learning. Our leadership believes that all children, regardless of location or socio-economic background, deserve a quality education that prepares them to succeed in school and become productive global citizens.  

ACCEL Schools Instructional Model provides: 

  • Aligned Academics meet or exceed state standards ensuring your child is on track for rigorous college and career opportunities.    
  • Certified, Licensed Teachers and a student-centered staff are united in executing our mission to make a difference in the life trajectory of each student.    
  • More Time on Task and double the instructional minutes for ELA and Math maximizes learning in your child’s school day.   
  • Short Cycle Assessments keep track of how students are progressing in the program, giving teachers ongoing feedback so they can tailor instruction to your student’s needs.    
  • Individualized Instruction driven by assessment data means we are familiar with the needs of each child and set students up for success in each course of study.    
  • State Testing Preparation reduces the anxiety often associated with high stakes tests, helping our teachers and students feel confident with the structure and methodology of state exams.    
  • Academic Support including education technology, interventional specialists, and instructional aides assist students during the school day. After school tutoring, summer school, and Saturday school programs extend support services beyond the traditional school day and year.   
  • Extracurricular Courses & Activities round out our educational offerings providing students social-emotional learning, athletics, arts, service learning & more.